Pathway into Digital: Short summary

After graduating from UMIST with a BSc in Computation, I spent five years at Logica and two Oracle, putting into practice what I’d learned at Uni. This technical grounding in solutions and application development and onsite consulting laid the foundations for the my future career and predicated my transition to management and leadership roles.

On leaving Oracle I joined Tibbett and Britten (TBG), a supply chain specialist, as an Oracle Contractor.  My first project was to develop an MIS solution for Marks and Spencer.  This project went well and I stayed with them for five years. I managed the delivery of large IT solutions for their major clients including M&S, Habitat, Duracell, Colgate-Palmolive and Elida Faberge, Ford and VAG.

After a further supply chain assignment with TNT, I picked up a Y2K project to run for MTV which was my entry-point into the Media/Broadcast industry.

In the early noughties I jointly founded and ran an internet services  company for a couple of years before being head-hunted back into the supply chain sector where I was appointed IT Strategy Manager for GIST, an operating company within BOC Group.  After two years in the role, I took a Group level IT Programme/ Strategy role working within the global gases business.

I was attracted, from BOC, back into the Media Sector by two former colleagues that I’d met at MTV.  They were experimenting with (and trialing) a new streaming services product at the BBC.  I joined the team and we built the UK’s first public service broadcast TV/Radio product on the internet, offering audio and VOD (streamed and download) and interactive applications. We ultimately developed this product into the iPlayer.

The rest is recent history and covered on this blog under ‘Business Sectors’ and  my ‘Portfolio’.

My LinkedIn profile provides a more conventional chronological view of my career history. My resumé is also available on request.

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