Project Description


I  have managed projects and programmes that have included social media integration work-streams at BBC, FiveTV, The AA, Saga, BAA, DHL, and Sony.  On these  projects and programmes  I have  have worked with business and technical stakeholders to prioritise road-maps and  manage social channel integration activities.

At the time of writing (Mar 2014) I have not yet built any Facebook apps for my clients, however I have built three of my own, each forming part of an online marketing campaign and/or affiliate marketing activities.

My Facebook Apps


I have hands-on experience in designing and developing  Facebook Applications,  integrating them into Facebook pages (under custom Facebook URLs) and integrating them to user journeys that link across to websites. These are screen-shots of my own apps that linked to my own websites.  I used the same basic design for each app, with a hero image at the top of the application with buttons or calls-to-actions (CTAs) arranged underneath the hero image.  The CTA’s  link through to a landing on parent website.  The landing page can be anywhere on the parent website. If  I’d linked to a shop then we could have landed on one of the product catalogue pages,  or if the calls-to-actions on the App were to purchase specific products or services then the visitor could go straight into a commerce/payment journey.

The design includes a provision for click through to other social platforms from a call-to-action embedded within the hero image. There are currently  four  customisable  CTAs  (Call To Action) but the number of these CTA’s is not limited. Each CTA will take the visitor straight into a specific user journey on the main website.

Latest Status: Update made in April 2018

These three apps have been off-line for some time due to a change by Facebook on hosting/server/SSL requirements for the connected websites.

All my websites are now SSL,  so it is technically possible to get these apps working again.  This task is not currently one of top of my priorities.

At the time of writing this update,  Facebook has  become very effective at harvesting personal data, content and information from citizens around the world.  It can provide analytics and behavioural targeting  from demographics down to the individual.  While many people  have become disillusioned with the authenticity and unchecked misinformation on the platform, it’s power as a propaganda machine and effectiveness as a marketing tool are outstanding.  This is clearly very useful to businesses and potentially to corrupt States.  Most of my friends and colleagues regularly use Facebook.  I use it to keep across organise social events.

If any of my clients feel inclined to use Facebook to market their own products and services then I have the technical skills (and would be happy) to undertake this work.  In due course I might find time to make the config changes and bring my own apps back on line again,  however there is no immediate business benefit in doing this for the time being.

In the mean time,   thanks for checking out this page