Business and Technical Integration of Social Media 

Commercialisation of Social Media with ad-tech and retail is a phenomena most people are aware and familiar with.  Social Media is used to extend brand reach and content distribution, drawing us to other sites, platforms for monetised content and online retail. Visitors are surreptitiously compelled to engage in social commerce Social Media is also great for lead generation, customer support, PR.

The proliferation of Social Media platforms with global reach and unimaginable audience levels is a gift to digital savvy businesses.  These platforms are like ready made channels to market. By sparking the reader’s interest in particular subject matter, readers are naturally drawn other digital publications sitting on other websites that are designed and built find out more about them and to make money online.

Board-level commitment is required to increase the chances of success in Social Media.  Building  Social Media into the business strategy and integrating into the operation model of any business can  can be a costly and time-consuming task. It requires good project management with well defined outcomes, KPIs and reporting to deliver recognisable value back into the business.

commercialisation of social media with adtech and retail

Business and technical integration are both vital to the success with social media initiatives.  Best results will be achieved where social media strategies have been effectively communicated stakeholders a bought into them.  It’s good practice to start  with small pilots, gain familiarity with the ad-tech and reporting methods, test out hypothesis.   The volume of data can accumulate quickly and its imperative that data-capture methods and the principles of success are agreed at an early stage so that alerts and triggers can be set and results can be tracked and reported on accurately.  Tracking, reporting, management processes and governance also need to be put in place at the outset.