Here are some reasons why, in 2014, I thought that channel integration of facebook was a good idea for online marketeers.

  1. Social networks lend themselves to the sharing of great ideas, products and brand advocacy.
  2. Successful social media posts and interactions can drive visitor traffic to  product landing pages and booking engines on a website.
  3. Promotion of events and campaigns  are available through a device in the pockets of an increasingly large global demographic who buy their mobile phone for social media: Over 1 billion active Facebook users each month use it on mobile, representing the vast majority of active Facebook users.
  4. Facebook remains the undisputed leader in social media referral traffic (23.39% of social media referrals reported at the time of this post in Oct 2014)
  5. Plenty of tools to provide insight on Facebook marketing and  enrich our understand about customer response.
  6. Instant opinion and feedback about products and services